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Innovating business from people's minds

What we do for you?

We will monitor Brand Awareness, Customer Loyalty, Customer Journey and Net Promotor Score of your brand continuously.

How our analysis gives value to your business

DoWell CX Trends analyse data using statistical models and AI tools to prepare continuous dynamic reports. Our analysis gives value to your daily business decision making process.

Watch a sample report


How do we collect responses

Exclusive responses – We will add dynamic links to client’s social media pages, websites & online stores, give QR codes to print on client’s products & packaging and provide response scales for client’s flyers & online/offline purchase points to collect exclusive responses.

Public responses – Living lab maps, Workflow AI, Social media automation and UX live will collect responses from Google maps, social media platforms, online stores and websites. 

Live Stories

Collecting live customer stories from purchase points

Social Media Automation

Collecting responses from online stores and social media

Living Lab Maps

Collecting responses from search results in Google maps

Workflow AI

Responses using scales and forms connected to your website

Note – The above products are for demonstration only, it needs administrative setup to run with its full features

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